In today’s digital world, information is consistently at the tip of our fingers. If you’re looking for any service or product, you go online, read the reviews, and base your decisions on what you discover.

Collection agencies with low BBB ratings often have less than stellar reputations – and that can translate to how your patients see your practice. If your patient reads negative reviews about them, they directly associate and align them with you and your healthcare group. The brands are intertwined, and their blemished record can quickly become yours.

Reviews can also help shine a light on that collection agency’s standard operating procedures and how they are treating patients. The way a collection agency handles patients directly reflects the opinions and feelings those patients will have about your healthcare group. So, if you hire an agency that’s anything less than polite, empathetic, and professional, client relations could be severely affected.

When choosing a collection agency, you might be tempted to go for a lower-rated option, thinking that it would be the cheaper alternative. But, you should know that hiring a collection agency with a low BBB rating can negatively affect your practice and, it may end up costing you more in the long run.

How? When your patients have a negative experience, they most likely won’t reference the collection agency but will instead leave a bad review about your healthcare group. These negative reviews can negatively affect your group’s reputation and may cause you to lose out on potential patients.

A highly-rated collection agency can help you recover the outstanding debt while simultaneously helping your healthcare group decrease operating costs, increase cash flow, lower overhead, and streamline the revenue cycle process.

Are you ready for a team that handles collections radically different from most?

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the communication gap between your practice & your patients.

  • Valuing your patients is our top priority.
    Patients are not numbers, they are people, and we treat them that way.
  • We work proactively to achieve a positive outcome for all parties.
    We strive to understand your patient’s unique situation and propose better payment solutions. Our methods are meant to target two birds with one solid stone of a practical approach. We help your cash flow and brand reputation while helping your patients live a debt-free life.
  • SCS has been specializing in healthcare collections since 1981.
    We service thousands of healthcare groups across the U.S.; Returning millions of dollars to practices each year.

Partner with Statewide Collection Service

If you’re looking for a reputable, highly-rated collections agency, then partner with us today! Our proven industry experience, coupled with cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies, result in maximized returns for your healthcare group.

We work with you to settle past-due accounts and maintain healthy patient relationships to preserve your practice’s good reputation.

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