Are you ready for a unique MEDICAL Collection Approach?

Increase your cash flow by using more efficient and effective medical collection methods

We don’t chase patients to collect on their medical bills. Instead, we strive to understand their unique situation and propose better payment solutions.

Our methods are meant to target two birds with one solid stone of a practical approach. We help your cash flow and brand reputation while helping your patients live a debt-free life. See our medical collection services here.

We aim to build a stronger relationship between our clients and their patients. An effective approach to communication is the key for this goal.

Turn your passive patients into proactive payers. We allow patients to experience the utmost convenience in processing their payments online.

Unlike any other medical collection agency, we don’t just show our expertise. We share it. We provide valuable training to our clients to further develop their collection skills.

Our Agents Medical Debt Collection Approach Produces Faster Payments and Greater Returns

We at SCS employ a selective hiring process and provide continuous training for our healthcare proficient collection professionals.

All SCS agents represent the highest level of professionalism, loyalty, and respect for each client and every patient. In addition, our administration team utilizes industry-leading technology, allowing SCS to provide an unmatched return on receivables.

With our strong core of recovery specialists, including bi-lingual representatives to service the non-English speaking population, combined with industry-leading technology, SCS will provide unparallel returns on past due receivables. SCS has a proven ability to help create and implement innovative collection processes-customized to meet specific needs to maximize returns. With a business culture centered around consulting, our agents adopt a straightforward, professional approach.

Our approach produces faster payments and greater returns compared to the out-dated, strong-armed attorney approach and the immediate “place and pop” credit reporting approach. SCS promises a higher level of service with an optimal level of efficiency and effectiveness.


Innovative Technology Drives Results

Decades of proven industry experience, coupled with cutting edge technology and innovative strategies, result in greater efficiencies and maximized returns for our clients.

SCS’s systematic collection strategies combine both the use of conventional scoring analytics and our own proprietary algorithm. Our sophisticated statistical model leverages consumer behavioral data and specific account attributes to direct ongoing collection activity.

This predictive methodology has been perfected through the years and is exclusive to SCS, giving us a definitive advantage over our competitors.

Medical technology concept, stethoscope on a circuit board

    Using our state-of-the-art integration system, we enable client’s to see what we see within our system. Client’s can log in and view all account activity including agent notes, patient notes, call recordings, payment schedules, etc. The SCS Client Portal is a HIPAA Compliant and Secure environment to communicate in. Client’s enjoy the ease of uploading account files, reporting monthly payments and adjustments, and cancellations. Our dashboard allows for complete transparency and can create an array of statistical reports.


    Our technology goes above-and-beyond the standard “Click Here to Make a Payment”. Open channel pages are not safe nor a secure place to input personal information. We incorporate a Multi-Factor Authentication Process that allows patients to manage, view, and make payments to their accounts via our website.


    If you don’t have the right key, you can’t start the car. Same goes for collections. The wrong data puts the breaks on your collections strategy. Accurate data accelerations your recovery efforts and success. Our Continuous Skip Tracer allows us to make sure the information processed through our system is the most accurate information in the open market including social security verification, date-of-birth verification, active telephone numbers, address history, utility activations, financial loans, DMV changes, et. Once a baseline is verified, all accounts in our system are continuously monitored for any changes. When changes are identified, the agent receives an alert in their call queue each morning and begins their day by reaching out with the new contact information.

“The right agency upholds dignity and commitment with utmost respect.”