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From independent physicians and small practices, to large healthcare groups, SCS provides bad debt and self pay management solutions that return millions of dollars to medical groups annually.

As your business partner, we work together you to better understand your existing practice and identify your challenges, then custom tailor solutions to maximize recoveries and ultimately improve your bottom-line.

SCS has a skilled team of knowledgeable and compassionate Patient Financial Representatives who work in the best interest of the practice and maintain your valuable patient relationships.

“Thanks for working with me on a payment schedule. You’ve truly helped me out during a difficult time in my life. Thank you so much. “

Tonya R.


As an extension of your organization, SCS provides inbound and outbound receivables management services which delivers exceptional liquidation results with high levels of client and patient satisfaction.

We combine your policies, procedures and work standards, with our skilled and compassionate healthcare collections approach, to deliver a positive patient experience which protects your brand image in the marketplace while maximizing recovery.

Our team will provide a seamless addition to your organization and turn your current receivables into daily cash flow.

Benefits of SCS – EBO

SCS’s Self Pay Early Out Services adhere to your internal processes to provide time savings and increased efficiency.

In addition to healthcare collection efforts in the name of the provider (on both inbound and outbound calls), SCS begins service on each account through detailed data scrubs (deceased, bankruptcy, address, telephone, etc.), analytics modeling, and segmentation to ensure an efficient workflow.

SCS also provides eligibility identification and resolution services for insurance, charity, and financial assistance.

Benefits of SCS – EO

SCS - Third Party Services

We leverage decades of industry experience, innovative technology and sophisticated analytics to design customized strategies for each line of business, at every stage in the credit and healthcare collections process.

SCS’s Third Party Services treat past-due patients with all the respect and consideration they deserve, while using the third party methods and tools that will effectively resolve patient accounts and preserve your patient relationships.

After an intensive data scrub and analytics modeling to their accounts, the accounts move to the healthcare collection phase for a 180-day campaign of calls and letters.

Benefits of SCS – Third Party Services

“Statewide has proven time and again that they will get the maximum rate of return on our turnovers, all the while treating our patients like our patients deserve to be treated by a collection agency. We appreciate all they have done for our business and look forward to many more years of continued service with them.”

Stephanie M. (Multi-Specialty Group)
SCS - Insurance Recovery

SCS Insurance Recovery is a specialized team of personnel within SCS that is solely dedicated to enhancing client cash flow through utilizing their experience in comprehensive insurance follow up and refilling.

Our dedicated team specializes in locating and recovering missed revenue from both commercial and private payers. The service enables us to follow up on denials and lagging payers to keep insurance payments up-to-date and steady.

SCS Insurance Recovery Features
SCS - Consulting

SCS Consulting is a program created by founder Steve Patterson in the late 80’s and has evolved as the years have changed.

The program is designed to allow clients and their staff members to have an expert in the medical collection community come to their place of business, on a face-to-face basis, and educate attendees on “everything collections”.

This interactive seminar covers topics such as healthcare collection tips, techniques, regulatory compliance, the downside of aging receivables, and enables open dialogue for questions and answers to flow freely.