As an extension of your organization, SCS provides inbound and outbound receivables management services which delivers exceptional liquidation results with high levels of client and patient satisfaction.

We combine your policies, procedures and work standards, with our skilled and compassionate collections approach, to deliver a positive patient experience which protects your brand image in the marketplace while maximizing recovery.

Our team will provide a seamless addition to your organization and turn your current receivables into daily cash flow.

Benefits of SCS-EBO

Experienced and patient-focused staff

Complete adherence to your internal billing policies and procedures

Complete monthly financial reporting

Advanced software for timely contact including customize letter and phone services

SCS’s Self Pay Early Out Services adhere to your internal processes to provide time savings and increased efficiency.

In addition to collection efforts in the name of the provider (on both inbound and outbound calls), SCS begins service on each account through detailed data scrubs (deceased, bankruptcy, address, telephone, etc.), analytics modeling, and segmentation to ensure an efficient workflow.

SCS also provides eligibility identification and resolution services for insurance, charity, and financial assistance.

Benefits of SCS-EO

Customizable programs to manage accounts 0-90 days

Manage your entire self-pay population

Increase revenues while decreasing cost

Reduce internal workload and allocate resources most efficient

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