Steve Patterson, Founder & Chairman of the Board

Steve founded SCS in February of 1981 with a goal in mind. To be the best. He has worked in the credit and collections industry since 1976. Prior to starting SCS, Steve was the Regional Collections Supervisor, SE Division for Avco Financial.

Brent Patterson, Chief Executive Officer

Brent permanently joined the company in May 2009. As a second-generation agency employee, he has throughout his time at SCS, worked in every department. He currently serves as the CEO. He oversees all aspects of operations including setting direction for all departments and strategic corporate planning. Brent also works with key accounts to create long-lasting business relationships.

Brenna Patterson, Director of Operations

Brenna has been leading the administration and client relations department since 2013. She provides strategic vision for the organization by working with management to establish long range goals, strategies, and policies. She supplies active direction for all operational execution.

Whitley Jordan, Chief Administrative Officer

Whitley is responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative department. Through strategic planning her and her team are able to meet specific requirements leading to a seamless process.

Tiffany Aistrop, Administrative Coordinator

Tiffany handles day-to-day task, duties, and responsibilities of the administrative department. She works collaboratively with clients to satisfy all daily requests.

Frankie Doby, Collections Manager-Call Center Alpha

Frankie has been with SCS for nearly 3 decades. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in healthcare collections enables her to lead her call center to produce extraordinary returns.

Jeff Alley, Collections Manager- Call Center Beta

Jeff shows excellent management in the healthcare arena. With his fresh approach to collections, Jeff is able to lead his call center in a dynamic fashion reaching maximum recovery.

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