In order to secure client and consumer information, SCS invests heavily in a system infrastructure that integrates numerous data security components which reduce any risk of unauthorized access.

In addition to quarterly internal and external network scans required for PCI security standards, we regularly conduct other vulnerability and penetration scans on our network systems.

Our data center leverages virtualization for purposes of scalability and encrypted offsite back up. Using advanced hardware and software platforms, this infrastructure is also designed to maintain the highest levels of data security and compliance.

SCS uses SSH/SFTP encryption technology for the transport of data, and encryption at rest for any non-public information in order to protect sensitive data.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Multifactor Authentication process

Onsite and Offsite by the minute data back up

State-of-the-art Cool Room with ideal temperature controls

Physical Location Monitoring

Physical location monitoring is sometimes an afterthought when thinking about data security.

At SCS, we see it as an equally important component aligned with our other data security measures. We have taken a multilayered approach to physical location monitoring and have implemented our measures to safeguard data, equipment, people, facilities, systems, and company assets.

Automatic door locks


Log In/ Log Out of the building

Video surveillance and recording of the exterior of the building

Video monitoring and recording of each room throughout the interior of the building

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